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Dragon Ball Z Devolution 1.0.1 Title Screen
Dragon Ball Z Devolution 1.0.1 Gameplay

The game is no longer available.

Dragon Ball Z Devolution 1.0.1 is one of the previous versions of the popular fan-made fighting game based on the Dragon Ball series. Originally known as Dragon Ball Z Tribute, it has been developed since 1999 and in 2004 was moved to Flash technology. After publication of Dragon Ball Z Tribute 0.5 in Newgrounds, the game received high ratings and gained great popularity. The latest version of Dragon Ball Z Devolution is probably the biggest fan-made game created in the Dragon Ball universe so far.

This version of the game has a previous progression system, which means that each mode needs to be unlocked. At the beginning you have access to Training which will introduce you to the basics of the combat system and finally unlock the story mode. The game contains the most important battles of the Dragon Ball Z series starting from the very end of the first Dragon Ball series and the duel between Goku and Piccolo Jr on 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. The first victory in story mode will unlock the Versus mode, which allows you create custom fights including duels with second player. By progressing the Story mode, you'll unlock new stages and characters you can choose in Versus mode.

Controls has been slightly simplified relative to the latest available version of Dragon Ball Tribute and now block and energy charging are assigned to one key. Also dashes can be done now by just double press directional keys. Gameplay is quite simple, but it requires reflexes and tactics. Characters can move in all directions (         ) including dashes (double tap one of the directional keys), attack in melee range and from a distance ( X ) depending on how far the opponent is, and block ( C ) during which you'll charge energy needed to perform stronger attacks like Kamehameha (press and hold A ). Fights are fast and require both an accurate observation of the opponent's moves and control of your resources. The game features Beam Clashes, which take place when both characters hit a special attack in the same time. During Beam Clash, hit the attack button as soon and many times as possible, but the most important thing in this case is which character has more energy or which attack consumed more energy. During melee clashes you'll experience quick time events during which you have to press the required key as soon as possible. Remember, you can change key binds for both players in Setup menu.

If you like this game, try the latest version of Dragon Ball Z Devolution containing a lot of new game modes, as well as fights and characters also known from Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, and even Dragon Ball Z movies. The game is regularly updated, so you can discover something new every time you play. More information on the game also can be found on the official website.





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